Spin the Bottle - Summer Camp 2014 Session 3

Spin the Bottle - Summer Camp 2014 Session 3

 Spin the Bottle is a kissing game played by all ages but most typically by preteens, teens and adults.

Rules and variationsEdit


A group of players sit in a circle. One person is chosen to spin the bottle, pen, or some other type of pointer first. That player then kisses whoever the bottle points to. Then the person to that player's left spins the bottle and kisses whoever it points to. The pattern is repeated around the circle.

In some traditional versions, players only kiss those of opposite sex. A spin at the same sex can be respun, or optionally the two players can hug.

Lorien Loveshade's versionEdit

"This is a really old kissing game but its still fun! Everyone sits in a circle and you put a bottle in the middle. It doesnt matter what kind of bottle as long as it can spin! Then someone spins it. When it stops spinning it will point to a person. The one who spun it has to kiss the person its pointing to! If its not really pointing to anybody then spin it again. This all depends on your players but if you have someone whos not comfortable kissing guys then they can spin again if it points to a guy, and the same with girls. But really its more fun if you have to kiss! A guy who doesnt want to kiss another guy could just kiss him on the hand on his head or something. Then its the turn of the person who got kissed, and he gets to spin to kiss somebody else! Another way you can play it is you take turns going around the circle and each person gets to spin it two or three times. That way everyone gets to give the same number of kisses. But you still don’t know how many ull get!"":[1]

Other variationsEdit

In some variations, the kiss may be either a quick peck, a longer lip kiss or a French kiss aka tongue kiss at the players' choice. In other variations, the action is the same for all players. It could be a hug, a peck, a lip kiss, French kiss, a make out, Seven Minutes in Heaven, or removing one article of clothing (this only for the person the bottle points to).


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