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Nocisma- flag

Nocismasexual/nocismaromantic is feeling attraction to everyone except cis men because of associated oppression. Years of women being considered property, and not beung able to get work in any community aside from being prositututes, or mothers in most societies has created the biological need for such a sexuality. Cis- Males are the blight of women-kind, and the LGBTQ+ community.

It is popular opinion outside of this wikia on many forums that Nocismasexual and Nocismaromantic are just cheap tactics to allow women who are free to live their lives however they want "get away with misandry" by calig it a sexuality. But that isn't true. Nocisma is a sexuality that is a biological defense mechanism to protect men and women of all kinds from entering relationships with toxic partners that see them as nothing more than sexual objects.

That is what Nocisma is about.