The kiss

French kiss between two girls. (Artist:Gypsie Skripto; models: Miley Spears and Rosey Tiger)

In English informal speech, French kiss, also known as a deep kiss or tongue kiss, refers to an amorous kiss in which the participants' tongues extend to touch the other participant's lips or tongue. The implication is of a slow, passionate kiss which is considered intimate, romantic, erotic or sexual. Slang synonyms include "swapping spit" and "tonsil hockey".

A "kiss with the tongue" stimulates the partner's lips, tongue and mouth, which are sensitive to the touch. The practice is usually considered a source of pleasure. The oral zone is one of the principal erogenous zones of the body.

Anthropologists are divided into two schools on the origins of kissing, one believing that it is instinctual and intuitive and the other that it evolved from what is known as kiss feeding, a process used by mothers to feed their infants by passing chewed food to their babies' mouths.[1][2]


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