Someone identifying as biromantic is romantically attracted to both binary genders, male and female.


One of the biromatic flags is just like the bisexual flag, but with a white heart in the top-left hand corner. Another verison of the biromantic flag(s) is usually a sexuality's flag with a heart over the flag with the colors blue, purple and pink like the bisexual flag. If a person identifies as straight and is biromantic, the flag will have the heterosexual flag as the background with the heart on the foreground. This formula can be applied to any sexuality flag if the person identifies as biromatic. But, overall, the biromantic flag(s) mostly takes inspiration from the bisexual flag.
Birom therr

Biromantic Flag

Straight and birom

Heterosexual and Biromantic

Ace and birom

Asexual and Biromatic