Abrosexual flag

The abrosexual pride flag

The term Abrosexual refers to an individual who is sexually fluid/has a fluid and/or rapidly changing sexuality that fluctuates between many different sexual orientations. These may vary, and may not be all sexualities. The changes in sexuality may be erratic or regular(days, months or years). These fluctuations tend to vary from person to person, as do the sexualities that they may fluctuate between. 

For example, an abrosexually identifying person may identify as bisexual one day, and then completely asexual the next. Or this sexuality change could come about between a few hours, or even a couple of months or years.

Abrosexuality is put under the term of asexual, though abrosexual people are most of the time, sexual. Though they are capable of becoming asexual or gray-sexual for a time, because abrosexuals are able to fluctuate between most currently known sexual orienations.

Abrosexuality is not a very common term and is not to be confused with novosexuality, which refers to people whose gender identities and sexual orientations change.